Key Themes from MMC+Tech 2024!

MMC+Tech has ended and you’re back at work filled with new ideas, energy, and new connections. So what’s next?

Post-conference letdown can be a real thing, and we’re here to help.

Here are our team’s biggest takeaways from MMC+Tech 2024 – and how we can help your association put them to work!

“Touchpoint Analysis” = KPI Journey Mapping. A big theme of the conference was “Touchpoint Analysis”, or mapping every interaction your members have with your association, and finding ways to improve them. At Accella, we call this KPI Journey Mapping, and we can tell you – Small Changes in your website can turn into Big Wins for your association. More revenue, higher engagement, more time on site – it’s amazing what you can achieve with a few thoughtful, data-driven changes to your website.

AI can improve your user experience, immediately. The biggest mistake you can make with AI is waiting. There are AI tools you can add to your website today that will help your members find the content and resources they’re looking for, and immediately improve many of your website’s KPIs. We can help – our team can help you create your very own Technology and Data Roadmap that will help your association start today, and plan for tomorrow.

Create a 3-year digital roadmap instead of 1-year. Annual goals may map to annual budgets, but they can also lead to misplaced priorities and missing out on things you could have achieved with just a larger window. With a 3 year digital roadmap, you may be able to achieve more than you ever imagined, with the exact same budget you had when you started.

We’re holding complimentary Office Hours to provide complimentary analysis, advice and recommendations for how to improve your association’s website or mobile app. There’s no cost, no need to prepare or send us anything in advance, just bring us your questions or let’s brainstorm on how you can improve your members’ digital experience today. Let’s find ways to turn small changes into Big Wins. Book your consultation now!

Kelsey Mills

Kelsey Mills

As a website strategist, Kelsey's role is to marry information architecture, brand and content, user experience, and analytics to build high-value platforms for organizations and their audiences. Her background in government affairs, public relations, and consumer social content creation uniquely positions her to support association and non-association clients alike.

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