Landing Pages: What, Why, and Where

When discussing SEO and SEM, it’s common to see the term landing page thrown around. If you’re trying to market your business through Google Ads, it’s essential to understand what landing pages are, and what they can do.

A landing page can be any webpage that you own – however, they’re typically pages that are custom-built to funnel customers towards taking a certain action on your site, whether it’s a purchase, filling out a form, or just visiting the page. At Accella, we use landing pages to showcase our development skills, as well as to provide informational content to search engine users. There is no specific formula or stipulation for what landing pages need to look like in terms of appearance or content; the ultimate measure of a landing page (in Google’s eyes, at least) is relevance.

If you’ve ever worked with AdWords, then you’re probably very familiar with the concept of quality score. This score determines where your ad is displayed on the SERP, as well as how much you pay for each click. A tremendous part of your quality score is derived from what Google calls landing page experience. Is the landing page relevant to the search term for which it is displayed? Can the search engine user trust your landing page? These are all issues that must be addressed when building and implementing your landing pages.

One could easily spend months upon months learning about how to craft the “perfect” landing page, and even then the results could be mixed. In any case, here are some of the best practices we’ve found when building our own landing pages:

  • Link to your main company website
  • Use clear, concise text to describe your products or services
  • Ensure there’s a “flow” to the design that guides the user’s eye to where you want them to go
  • Showcase testimonials and previous clients

Feel free to give us a call if you’d like some help with your landing pages.

Sam Allen

Sam Allen

Samuel is something of a marketing Swiss Army knife. He enjoys helping clients build their web presence and visual identity through design, SEO, and good ol' fashioned content. A photographer by trade, he's had work published in the New York Times and the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

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