The Benefits Of Being First to Market

A recent post by San Francisco-based DODOCase offers a look at some of the most recent uses for VR as a marketing tool. From major film studios to fashion magazines, the advertising and branding capabilities of this technology are clearly just beginning to be realized.

Although the post contains numerous important maxims to consider, one of them struck me as particularly vital. To quote DODOcase – “VR is no longer a thing of the future. It’s happening right now. “ Let that sink in for a second – VR is being used as a marketing tool as you read this blog post.

In 2004, nobody could have predicted that Facebook would become one of the titans of the social media age; the same could be said of the nascent in 2006. At this stage, we’re already past the “first wave” of VR marketing (as evidenced by HBO’s use of the Oculus Rift to promote Game of Thrones during SXSW 2014). The field is only going to become more crowded and more noisy – but it’s not there yet. Companies who invest in VR now will inevitably be ahead of the curve when it finally breaks through to mainstream exposure.

I don’t believe that DODOcase is necessarily advocating for a heavy investment in VR at the moment, nor would I personally say that it would be appropriate for every brand and company at the moment. But, the time is coming, sooner than later, when VR will become a marketing channel as integral as television or email.

It’s 2015. Imagine where VR marketing will be in 2020. The time to start considering VR as a legitimate outreach channel is now.

Sam Allen

Sam Allen

Samuel is something of a marketing Swiss Army knife. He enjoys helping clients build their web presence and visual identity through design, SEO, and good ol' fashioned content. A photographer by trade, he's had work published in the New York Times and the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

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