The Changing Face of Medicine – My Wound Watch

What if there was a way for you to remotely receive treatment advice while you were in the process of healing from a wound without having to leave your house? Well, now there is an app to do just that.

Over the past year, the iOS application My Wound Watch, became a reality. Our client had the vision to provide a solution to help patients get the treatment that they need, without having to drive, sometimes long distances, to see their provider for follow on checkups.

This HIPPA compliant application allows for patients and providers to interact in a variety of ways. One of the many features available in the application is the ability for the patient or provider to capture an image of the wound, that is being treated, and share it with each other to help track the healing process.

Using a robust calendar feature, the provider can also select a pair of images to compare side by side to see how things are progressing over a period of time, see at a glance what day the patient had a procedure done and when the original image was uploaded,  track what days images were added, and receive alerts when updates are available to review.

As part of the next version of My Wound Watch, we have added a messaging tool to allow for providers and patients to communicate directly with one another and to also allow for collaboration between providers, who are part of the circle of approved providers caring for the patient, to ensure that the best course of action is being taken.

My Wound Watch ( is available in the Apple app store now. An updated version will be out in May, so be sure to check back for the latest version over the next few weeks.

Jason King

Jason King

As President of Accella, Jason provides strategic vision towards growing a multi-faceted agency with a focus on helping clients understand how digital transformation impacts their organization on a daily basis.

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