The Next Year In Mobile: Jason King

With CES in the books and clients looking forward to what’s on the horizon with 2014 and beyond, I decided to sit down and interview some of Accella’s leading minds to se what they see coming up in 2014 and beyond.

Today we’re talking with Jason King, Accella’s President and CEO.

Sam: Hi there, Jason. Now that you’re back from CES, could you give us your overall impressions of the show?

Jason: We saw a ton of stuff about mobile health, or mHealth. I think the industry is starting to pick up steam in terms of products for both physicians and patients. Tablets and smartphones are already pretty widely used for healthcare purposes, and I think that’s only going to increase.

S: Where do you see mHealth going?

J: Biometrics is a big movement going on right now – using an iPhone or an Android tablet to track a patient’s blood pressure, body temperature, all the vital signs. The term “diagnostics” is thrown around a fair bit when talking about the trends for 2014, and I think it’s just as true for mHealth as anything else. Mobile users are looking for more ways to access information, whether it’s a physician tending to a patient or a person looking to monitor their heart rate while they’re exercising.

To sum it up, I think the big trend in mHealth will be biometrics, body telemetry, diagnostics – anything that allows for a better understanding of a health situation.

S: With that in mind, how else do you think mobile devices are going to affect healthcare?

J: Of course, no device can ever replace a physician. However, the hope is that mobile devices will eventually let patients meet with their doctors virtually, saving them the time and expense of making a visit to the office or clinic. In short, healthcare might start moving more into the home, which can ultimately make the care process easier and more comfortable for the patient.

S: What advice would you give to current and prospective clients?

J: If you want to stay innovative, you need to start looking for ways to provide your users the feedback and diagnostic information they need from your product, whether it’s a piece of construction equipment, an EKG machine, or a refrigerator. If your product can give them the value they need, it’ll win out over the competition every time.

Sam Allen

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