The Next Year In Mobile: John Rainey

With CES in the books and clients looking forward to what’s on the horizon with 2014 and beyond, I decided to sit down and interview some of Accella’s leading minds to se what they see coming up in 2014 and beyond.

Today I sat and talked with VP of Business Development, John Rainey.

Sam: Welcome back from CES 2014, John. To start off, what were your general impressions of the show?

John: We saw quite a bit at CES. It was exciting to get a glimpse of 3D printing, and it’s going to be fascinating to see how that industry matures. Right now you see everything from DIY kits to very elaborate machines that are almost ready for industrial use. We’re also starting to see dozens of different materials used in these printers, to the point where they’re actually starting to print simple shapes using sugar and chocolate!

Another really interesting thing we saw were flexible phones. Although they’re not yet quite ready for widespread use yet, I think they’re one of the most exciting reveals at the show.

S: What do you think will be the biggest trend in mobile devices over the course of the next year?

J: With the prevalence of both mobile devices and the mobile internet, we have access to more information than ever, and access to that information in more places. We look up pretty much anything in any place. That being said, I think the most important trends we’ll see will include a focus on diagnostics – individuals and companies using their mobile devices to access precise information and telemetry.

Mobile devices can monitor a bunch of different statistics and statuses now. The most basic smartphone or tablet count your steps, locate your dog, check on a security camera in your living room – all kinds of things. So, I think everyone’s going to start trying to find new ways to use these devices as tools for feedback, information, and diagnostics.

S:With all this in mind, what would you say to current and prospective clients?

J: Information is essential to improving a company’s efficiency – so, whether you’re a corporation or a small business, our developers can work with you to develop the kinds of diagnostic apps you need in order to make your business process run smoother.

Creating economies of efficiencies by replacing outdated paper processes using mobile smartphone and tablet technology are quickly becoming a mainstay in the mobile industry. Our staff have become experts in this arena and I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings in providing this particular solution.

Our look ahead to 2014 and beyond will continue next week with discussions with:

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  • Jacob Haskins discussing mobile development
  • Jeff Sharp with new ways of quality assurancefor web & mobile
  • Jason King with his executive level look at what’s happening in 2014
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