Limb Lab Connect: Enablng Accessibility with QR Code Postcards

We embarked on a mission to enhance accessibility to the LimbLab Connect app by providing each location with QR code postcards. These postcards serve as a seamless gateway for users to swiftly download the app onto their devices while in-office. This innovative approach aims to streamline the onboarding process and increase awareness and conversions for LimbLab Connect.

By strategically placing QR code postcards within each location and providing clinicians with the technical knowledge to successfully onboard patients, we empowered LimbLab Connect users to effortlessly engage with their app. With just a simple scan, individuals can access a wealth of information and resources tailored to their needs whether it be accessing educational content, or connecting with support services. This user-friendly approach not only simplifies the app download process but also fosters a sense of convenience and efficiency for users.

The outcome has been twofold: heightened awareness and increased conversions to the LimbLab Connect app. The strategic implementation of QR code postcards has proven to be an effective tool in driving engagement and encouraging users to explore the app’s features and functionalities. By leveraging this innovative solution, Limb Lab Connect not only improved accessibility to their services but also strengthened their connection with users, paving the way for enhanced customer experiences and continued growth.

Ashley Frost

Ashley Frost

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