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Our developers recently had a discussion on where to host a WordPress / Drupal website. One of our clients was looking to move from their existing host to a faster, more reliable one. Their criteria was to be an inexpensive, fast, yet reliable host with good technical support. Essentially the same criteria most of our clients are looking for in their hosting providers.

Here are some of the recommendations for web host providers:

Media Temple

Hank and Colin have both worked with Media Temple in the past, while pricey compared to some other options on the web such as GoDaddy, they have high quality servers and their support is exceptional. They may be a bit much for some, however the speed and the documentation that you receive from Media Temple make them a clear choice for larger websites.

A Small Orange

Web Host Serverwww.asmallorange.com/
At A Small Orange, the philosophy is simple: Provide the best quality service and support to customers at an affordable cost. While nobody on our team has personally used this service, both Chuck and Colin know several people that have used them in the past and have been quite happy with their service and support. They are a relatively inexpensive option with pretty good tech support.


Jacob and Ryan have both used VPS from Dreamhost (Virtual Private Servers) in the past. “For dreamhost, I was really more impressed with the quality and stability in the servers rather than the customer service and tech support,” said Jacob “I actually haven’t had any problems to even ask for tech support. Godaddy’s web panel ate up so much memory that it hardly left any for my apps to use. Dreamhost provides a much more stable environment and let me use memory the way I wanted.”


Lonex has been used by Mitch for years without any complaints. This is a UK-based web hosting and domain registration site. Lonex Web Hosting offers all-inclusive web hosting services with added automatic ready-to-go website installation. With any of their hosting plans you receive free installation of a popular script, such as WordPress (for your blog), phpBB2 (for your forum), Coppermine (for your photo album), osCommerce (for your e-shop), Joomla (for your CMS), and many more.

While Accella does not offer hosting directly for our clients, we often consult with our clients, helping them sift through the many hosting providers available to find the one that best suits their particular needs. Give us a call today if you need help in finding the right right host for your website.

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Jon Stroz

Jon Stroz

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