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So over the weekend I came across a “how-to” article for hacking a QR code and adding in your logo. It’s actually a pretty simple idea, and quite honestly more of a trial and error way of doing it than any real directions. Basically QR codes have about a 30% error correction rate, meaning that 30% of the code can be missing or not-read, and the full code will be still be read by a QR Code reader.

So, with that, you basically create a QR code using any number of free online generators and then put in your logo, or anything else, to customize your QR code using PhotoShop or any other image editing software.

The “How-To” post can be found here but it’s basically as simple as I just explained.

This is one that I came up with over the weekend, adding in our logo. The code simply links back to our website, however you can put contact info in the code, add in your logo, and put it on a Business Card, or create one for your App and add in your App’s Logo – what kind of code can you come up with?

Hank McLaughlin

Hank McLaughlin

Hank specializes in mobile software development, specifically software for the iPhone. He also has a background in mac development and development for webOS devices and started developing software in C while attending Virginia Tech. Since then he has taught himself C++, objective C, PHP, javascript and css.

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  1. Nice job Hank!Your giving me another way to expand my seo capabilities with the content of your blog. Really a big help.

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