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Drupal 7 to 8 Upgrade Overview

Drupal 7 to 8 Upgrade Overview Drupal 7 is currently the recommended version for deployment, and will be community-supported until the official release of Drupal 9 (which will not begin development until Drupal 8 has reached Long Term Support status). … Continue reading

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Tips and Tricks

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013 on November 13, 2013. With this new release came many cool features for .net developer’s to take advantage of. Here are some of the top ones we’ve found. Continue reading

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Drupal 8 – Scary, Stupendous, or Somewhere In Between?

Please Note: Drupal 8 is under development as of this writing (12/31/2013), and can and most likely will change further. Your experience may differ from my own! For the last several weeks now, I’ve been making my way through the new … Continue reading

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Quality Assurance & Testing Websites

Even if you can’t hold the product in your hand, quality control is still an integral part of any work process. This is especially true when developing a website, mobile app, or even a brand identity. With all of the … Continue reading

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Scope Management

“Scope creep” refers to when features are added that were not included in the original documented scope. Continue reading

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