Google+ – What does it mean for my Business?

Google+There are many Social Media choices out there already – and Google has thrown their hat in the mix with the introduction of Google+. What will it mean for your business? Should you consider setting up Social Media pages for marketing purposes? Leveraging Social Media can be a powerful business tool.

Right now, Google+ does not offer a page for businesses & brands specifically, in fact they have asked business to refrain from creating profiles just yet and will most likely delete them.

Some key features of Google+: create work specific circles for internal communication; web conferencing; discussion groups; and expanding brand awareness. The circle feature will be a great way to communicate specific messages to targeted user groups. Businesses will want to give this some thought as Google+ expands it’s offerings in the next few months.

Vertical Response, an Mass Email Service Provider, put together a pretty decent run-down of Google+. Take a look and let us know when you want to integrate it with your website.

So for now, it looks like Google+ should really just be used for personal reasons, later on this year Google will finalize their plans for Businesses & Brands to use the new social media service.

Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson

Amy has a diverse background in project management combined with sales and marketing of internet solutions. Amy’s strengths lie in her ability to manage multiple projects while managing client expectations and keeping projects on track. She listens to and understands the client’s needs to ensure project satisfaction.

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  1. While Google+ is for personal use at the moment it is still a good opportunity for business leaders and professionals to create profiles and begin developing their own personal networks. These networks can be split into social and business circles via Google+ (or even further into employees, types of clients, etc.) and can be leveraged for business promotion by these individuals now. It may not be possible to set up an entire business’s profile on Google+ but individuals within the business can engage in business related activities such as support, marketing, and engagement today.

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