iPhone 5 & Android Tablet; Does Microsoft Stand a chance?

Samsung Galaxy TabSo, I bit the apple 3 years ago and purchased my first iPhone (3G). I was so amazed by the functionality and power that I was now holding in the palm of my hand. This great device was changing how I went about doing so many things that I started to forget how I ever lived without it. Now 3 years, 2 iPhones, an Apple TV, iPod Shuffle and a Macbook Pro later I find myself loving everything Apple. I can’t wait to get my phone upgraded to iOS5 and eventually upgrade to the iPhone 5. As my merchandise grows, so does this question in the back of my head. Am I over committing?

As an employee at Accella, a company on the leading edge of technology, I feel that I can best serve my customers and team by being knowledgable and familiar with the leading technologies in our field (well as best as anyone can be). For that reason, I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy tablet and am impatiently awaiting its arrival. As I sit here thinking about the wonders I would uncover with a tablet (and Android platform to boot), I read an article about Microsoft and their move to regain market share in mobility.

Prior to Accella, I spent 7 years working on the rugged side of the mobility market. Customers were anxiously moving away from DOS based programs leaving my time dominated by Windows CE and Windows mobile solutions. Development for custom software was often costly and subject to Microsoft releasing the latest OS hence resulting in costly hardware and software refreshes. Windows answered the Apple and Droid revolution with the Mango MP OS. Only time will tell, but can Microsoft regain market share and grow the 10% they have had for recent years?

Carin Weiss

Carin Weiss

Carin began her career doing Recruiting and Marketing for a Baltimore based IT Consulting company. She later became an Account Executive at Barcoding Inc. specifically focusing on value added mobile solutions including professional services and software development. At Accella, her ability to work with the customer and gain an understanding of their needs has been the recipe for many successful implementations. Carin is a graduate of Towson University with a Major in Business Administration and Concentration in Marketing and Sales.

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  1. I am starting to really get into drawing and I think its time to start looking for tablets. I have done a little research but I dont know what tablet to get. From What i have heard, Wacom makes a good tablet but I dont know which one to get. Also, what is a good program to use? I have heard that photoshop does ok.

  2. It really depends upon what you are looking at a tablet for. If you are looking to do serious drawing, Illustrator may be a better program for you, however I would look to see what tablets can run a powerful program like Illustrator or Photoshop; those programs typically require a fast processor and a good bit of memory.

  3. Yes, both – and a bit of a learning curve. Consider taking a class for whatever program you get – each has it’s strengths..

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