QR Codes – How can your Company Benefit from Using a 2D Bar Code?

QR Codes – What are they?

Download The National Archives' Today's DocumentQuick Response (QR) Codes are two dimensional bar codes that are read by QR barcode readers. Though they are similar to the standard barcode that we’re used to seeing when making purchases, QR codes can hold thousands of alphanumeric character information versus standard bar codes that can only hold up to 20 numerical digits. The codes can be used to display information such as text, images, URL’s and can also create text messages or emails.

So Why Do Businesses Like Them?

Many businesses like QR codes because they are extremely inexpensive to create yet can help enhance the customer experience. There are many websites that create URL encoded 2D codes for free. The only expenses incurred would be for printing and distributing the code.

There are many mobile apps available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones that can scan/read these codes. Examples are NeoReader, Optiscan, AT&T Code Scanner and Tap Reader.

How are companies using them?

Originally created by the Japanese company Denso-Wave in 1994 for the purpose of tracking vehicle parts, the popularity of QR codes has increased in recent years because of the many different ways you can use them.

Here are a few examples how companies currently use QR codes:

  • Popular magazine companies display QR codes on their front covers, that takes readers to a mobile webpage where they can read additional articles and information that’s not contained the print version.
  • Major Airlines are now using QR codes for mobile boarding passes.
  • Construction companies such as Volvo Rents (one of our clients), are starting to place these codes on their equipment. Users can scan the code to view installation instructions, equipment specifications documents, videos, or to begin the rental reservation process.
  • They are a quick way to send users to mobile Customer Feedback forms
  • The codes are an easy way to provide directions to your business
  • Many companies are adding QR codes to their websites, where you can scan the code to download their mobile applications
  • Companies take users to pages where they click LIKE buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
How can QR Codes Help your Business?

As shown above, QR codes can be for a variety of purposes to help you get information quickly to your customers and their feedback.

Successfully gaining users to LIKE your social media pages or click the Google+ button for your website, can greatly increase your companies online presence, and help your website to return higher in search engines.
Use QR codes to assist with marketing campaigns and present them with Call to Actions that result in profits to your business.

Whenever you use a QR code, make sure you explain the purpose of the code so non-technical uses understand their purpose.

Steve Demby

Steve Demby

Steve is the Chief Operating Officer at Accella. His knowledge and experience in development and project management, he ensures our projects are completed on-time, in budget, and within scope. After earning his BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland he began his career as a web programmer, developing web applications in PHP. He has worked on various projects including social networking, e-commerce and real-estate websites, as well as mobile applications.

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  1. I noticed several years ago the post office using QR codes for things like printed postage and postmarks.. I’ve also recently notice Dole Banana stickers with QR codes that lead to their Facebook page.

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