What If My App Idea Has Already Been Developed?

So you wake up at 3AM in cold sweats and grab your iPhone to record the latest epiphany that you have had in your sleep.  An app idea that MUST be the best in the world!  Then you begin to contact app developers and conduct research on your idea only to find out someone has already beat you to the punch.  Sad and depressed you shrug off your idea thinking “what if” scenarios for the next year.

Well perhaps you should not be too hasty.  The reality is that the majority of app ideas, even if developed, are not produced with as much quality as you might think. Many of the over 1 million mobile apps developed on the iOS platform alone are built by individual developers who don’t have the entire skill set required for intuitive user interface design which results in a poor user experience and consequently low sales of their app.

These developers might also be missing the required web services expertise to complete transactional circle of a good app experience.  However the most striking aspect that most developers miss is a marketing strategy for their app.  I would comfortably say that 80% of mobile apps on the market are missing a solid marketing strategy.  The vast majority of developers don’t think about marketing until their initial production budget is tapped out.

The result is that there are many great apps out there that simply don’t get enough downloads because they cannot cut through the clutter of the other million apps vying for attention on the Apple Store.   So don’t get too discouraged if you see your idea has been either partially or fully developed, there could still be some merit for your vision.  The best thing to do is call on some professionals and analyze what might be possible.

Just remember, Google wasn’t the first Search Engine out there…but it’s safe to say it’s done pretty well for itself.

Jason King

Jason King

As President of Accella, Jason provides strategic vision towards growing a multi-faceted agency with a focus on helping clients understand how digital transformation impacts their organization on a daily basis.

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  1. thank you for your information. I have a great idea for a utility app. So far doing my research on line I have not found anything that tells me if it has been developed or marketed. Is there an app library that you know of that I can search using keywords? Would appreciate any information you can provide me. Thanks, Ken

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