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Monetizing Your Mobile App: Pay Per Download

Without a doubt, monetization is one of the most common concerns when developing a new application. After all, very few companies develop an app just for kicks. In that light, over the next few weeks we will discuss the various methods of earning revenue from a mobile application. For this week, we’re taking a look at good, old-fashioned paid downloads. Continue reading

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Social Media Tips from Facebook, Twitter, and Hubspot

Three great Social Media tips taken away from a webinar with HubSpot, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Continue reading

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Your App Is Getting Reviews – What Do You Do Next?

Reviews of your app are good, but you need to spread the word around to make the most out of them. Continue reading

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Using iTunes App Promo Codes to Distribute Your App

Download, or “Promo” codes are critical because they are the easiest method for distributing your iOS app to the press for free. Continue reading

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The Ins, Outs, Ups and Downs of App Review Requests

This week we’re going to look at how to pitch your app to writers and bloggers, those all-important gatekeepers of press coverage and word-of-mouth. Continue reading

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