Mobile Apps | Accella - Part 5

Mobile Apps

What If My App Idea Has Already Been Developed?

So you wake up at 3AM in cold sweats and grab your iPhone to record the latest epiphany that you have had in your sleep.  An app idea that MUST be the best in the world!  Then you begin to … Continue reading

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Sometimes Being Lazy is Good

I have seen code like this in some projects: [myArray removeAllObjects]; for (Thing *thing in anotherArray) { [myArray addObject:thing]; } [self.myTable reloadData]; Now, you may look at this and think it’s is a fine way of coding and you’d be … Continue reading

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NSUserDefaults—some pretty good practices

“How do I store user preferences in my iOS app?” is a pretty common question most developers face at some point in their app development career. Perhaps and app can display information in different, user-selectable units, perhaps the user should … Continue reading

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Google Glass: The Future of Mobile Computing?

Think back to the last time you were using your mobile device in a public place – maybe you were playing a game while waiting in the DMV, or checking football scores in a grocery checkout line. Everyone has experienced … Continue reading

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Which Platform Should I Develop My App Project On First?

This is a question that needs to be carefully considered for any app development project.  And there are many factors to consider.  For internal corporate driven apps this question is normally simple.  Most corporations gravitate towards one device that is … Continue reading

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