How To Hire an App Developer Part III

In the third installment of How to Hire an App Developer, Sharon Cohen of offers tips on making sure to compare Apples to Apples. Additionally, you’ll want to understand everything the developer provides, make sure they have had success in launching apps, and feel comfortable in moving forward with them.

How to Hire an App Developer Part III

Compare All Apples and Oranges

You have done your homework, and you have a list of three or four developers to contact (see Part 1 & Part 2). Because each of these developers may be offering different services, make sure you are making comparisons on the same criteria.

You will find that many of the developers either do not have phone numbers listed on their web sites or request that you use email to start the ball rolling for app quotes. You need to put the same parameters about your intended app into the email for each of the developers, so they are quoting on similar specifications. Remember, you have clearly defined your app (Part 1), so you can just cut and paste this description into the email.

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Jason King

Jason King

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